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Welcome to Life of a Bloodhound mum, my personal blog on everything dog related!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


Well this is a pretty big step for me, but I'd like to introduce myself and what this blog is all about :-D

I'm Daisy, 29 Years old, living in south wales , UK. I am SO passionate about dogs and would really like to help people understand all about dog ownership. From finding a breeder to day to day care, basically everything to do with our 4 legged friends!

Since a young age I have been obsessed with dogs and everything to do with them. My parents finally gave into my passion and we brought home our first family dog Angel in 2001. I was 11. It was a great experience and one which I will share with you soon. She was the most beautiful Black Newfoundland.

Fastforwad to today and I have a 2 and a half year old Bloodhound, Ralph. He is my pride and joy. he hasn't been without his challenges. Apparently bloodhounds are one of THE hardest dogs to train.. and Yes I took that as a challenge after I found out. Along with already falling in love with them on our visit to Crufts in 2016.

Since I've been writing this post Ralph has slowly taken my socks off and tried to give them back to me but only to entice me into a tug of war with said socks... this is going to be fun!

He is my absolute rock and there are no words to explain my love for him. He makes me laugh every day, and sometimes want to cry.. but this is what this blog is all about. There are highs and lows with dog ownership and hopefully some of my articles will help through all you are faced with!

Best wishes and Dog Kisses


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