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How Ralph came into our life

Rewind back to 2015, my amazing partner Darren and I decided we needed a dog in our lives. Once this was decided I booked tickets to the next Crufts show (March 2016) to check out some breeds and breeders. In the run up to Crufts we shortlisted a few breeds that we like and that we thought that would suit our lifestyle. Being a dog encyclopaedia, this was a fairly easy process for me. The UK Kennel club also have a great website for you to find which is the right breed for you.

Arriving at Crufts was very exciting, we set off for the breed rings first, we came across the bloodhounds and sat ringside next to the owners and breeders, watching all what was going on... we fell in love.

We had already looked at different bloodhound breeders and were now noticing the differences in the breed, such as; size of males/ females, colours, head shape/ gaits etc.

We saw one of the owners mistreat their dog when it was playing up in the ring and immediately crossed this breeder off the list. We noticed a couple stood back from the ring- in the stalls and they had 4 hounds with them. I went over and asked if it was ok to fuss their dogs. They were very lovely people and were extremely honest about the responsibilities of a hound this size and character. We weren’t put off at all so exchanged details.

A month or so later we met up with them again at another dog show. We had been talking a lot over Facebook and email, they sent us some great resources, which we used for our research on the breed.

At the show, we discussed that we were interested in getting a bloodhound puppy. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful- even before this point to be honest. They invited us to their home so we could see the hounds in their own environment.

We thought we couldn’t fall in love any more with bloodhounds, but oh my.. they certainly stole our hearts.

We visited every few months and became good friends with them. We also met up at more shows and working trials, constantly learning about the breed and their requirements, making sure we were always understanding how one of these big, drooly, hounds would fit into our lives.

We joined both of the Breed clubs The Bloodhound Club & The Association of Bloodhound breeders.

We really spent a lot of time with the breeders getting to know the reality of day to day living with a bloodhound. We went on walks with them, practiced show ring training and Darren’s favourite part- working with the hounds. This was SO much fun and truly amazing to watch and be a part of.

After a long wait we brought Ralph home on the 21st August 2017. He was 11 weeks old and such a happy, lovable bundle of fun.

2 and a half years down the line, I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge on bloodhounds- and dogs in general in this blog!

Loves, hugs and dog kisses Daisy

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