"Dogs have a way of finding people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didnt even know we had"

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Holidays with a Hound

We've not long come back from a lovely week in Worcester, England, with Ralph. We often spend weekends traveling to shows and working...

Ready to find a Breeder?

Warning signs your purchasing from a puppy farm: This topic is something I am Extremely passionate about. I can’t stress how important it...

Finding the Right Breeder- 8 Top Tips

For me and Darren, we were experienced with Newfoundland’s and Rottweilers and knew that we were going to get a big dog. I wanted to try...

How Ralph came into our life

Rewind back to 2015, my amazing partner Darren and I decided we needed a dog in our lives. Once this was decided I booked tickets to the...

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